William Paul Bell Queensland University Researcher

Why is mainstream economics not a social science but ideological mathematics?


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I am interested in sustainable economic development, innovation and applying methodologies that recognise the economy as a  complex adaptive system and the philosophy surrounding such  methodologies.

Currently, I am working  at the Energy Economics and Management Group (EEMG) in the University of Queensland on a feasibility study for a hybrid solar thermal-gas generator at the  Collinsville Energy Park, Queensland, Australia.

Previously at the EEMG ,  I was the lead author on a project titled  ‘Analysis of institutional adaptability to redress electricity  infrastructure vulnerability due to climate change’ for the National  Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) and a researcher on a project called ‘Market and economic modelling of the  impacts of distributed energy‘ for the CSIRO Intelligent Grid Research  Cluster (iGrid) .

Prior to joining the EEMG, I completed my PhD at the University of Queensland titled ‘Adaptive Interactive Expectations: Dynamically Modelling Profit Expectations‘ and masters at Griffith University titled ‘An Evaluation of Policies to Reduce Fiscal Pressure Induced by Population Ageing in Australia‘.

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Member of the World Economics Association – promoting ethics, openness, diversity of thought and democracy within the economics profession

Written by William Paul Bell

2012 May 18 at 1:44 pm

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